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How do you know your hotel or car rental booking won’t DROP IN PRICE after you book?

3 REASONS why you should book on our site:

  1. YOU SAVE while WE CHECK. We have found SAVINGS in over 50% of bookings identifying over $3000 in savings. We KEEP CHECKING for price drops and promotions for your hotel or car rental right up to DATE OF YOUR TRAVEL.
  2. Its FREE with NO RISK. We partner only with major travel sites and hotels.
  3. YOU are HELPING those IN NEED. We make a donation to the Red Cross for every completed booking.

EVEN IF YOU HAVE BOOKED your hotel or car rental on another site, send us the details of your booking and we’ll keep checking for lower prices for you.

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  • I have used this service Hotels-PriceCheck personally 2 times and both times it saved me $50.00 or more on hotel stay in NYC and car rental in AZ. I also passed this on to a friend and they also saved on a hotel booking in NYC. To me it is a “no brainer” if you are travelling why would you not use this service? It cost you nothing and they watch for price drops and pass them onto you….I mean it is like taking the savings you get and then going to a free dinner when you take the trip. Thanks to Hotel-PriceCheck I WILL use this service every time I travel.

    Mark Flood
    Milton, Ontario
  • My name is Emad from Toronto, Ontario Hotels-PriceCheck is an amazing web site that saved me lots of money , I booked several hotels & cars through this website & saved tons of money.

    The best thing I like about it is that if the prices drop I get an e-mail informing me about the new price reduction to book with.

    I remember one time I was renting a car from MCO airport for one week started at $300 & I ended up renting better car for $180. It's an amazing website! I recommend you try it; you will never regret it.
  • Ron of Hotels-PriceCheck was extremely prompt in responding to my query and within 24 hours was able to provide me with better pricing. Ron continued to monitor the status of my booking to ensure I received the best price possible. This was my first experience using Hotels-PriceCheck and Ron was able to answer all my questions and made me feel very comfortable with this new process.

    Susan Simpson


We will donate 10% of our referral fees to the Canadian Red Cross when you book on our site. For those booking from the United States we will make a matching donation to the American Red Cross.

So if you normally book through one of our partner sites why don’t you book through Hotels-PriceCheck and a donation will be made to the Red Cross!

To find out more about the Canadian Red Cross Click Here.